Tuesday, February 5, 2013

"If you can't do the good you would, do the good you can."

Are you stuck?
You were going to write a best-seller, headline a tour, go to grad school, refurbish a house, adopt a kid, and the list goes on.
So the opportunities just haven't "presented" themselves yet.

So I ask myself, "am I willing to do the things that I would do if I really wanted to do the things I want to do?"  What I mean is this.
The dream is to write a book...the first step is to start a blog and post regularly.
The dream is to be a great husband...the first step is to take her on a hot date like the early days for Valentine's day.
The dream is to have rock hard abs...sit ups, right now.
The dream is to be a professor...the first step is to teach a Bible study.
The dream is to make disciples...the first step is to make a friend.