Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The most essential equation for all of humanity:

Christ + Nothing = Joy

My friend, Justin, shared this truth with me and I appreciate it greatly.
Now I just have to work on managing the equation.

Monday, June 14, 2010

There are two things that will always remind a boy that there is an ever-increasing pace to life:
Go-carts and marriage.
I was given the opportunity to experience both of those reminders this past weekend.

Reminder #1: After the rehearsal dinner, all of the gentlemen went out to compete in a gentleman's game. The game was a few simple laps around a track. However, our instruments of speed required signing our lives away, wearing neck braces, and keeping "your visor down on that helmet, son." Put twelve grown men on 40 mph go-carts and the only lap that will be run at a "safe pace" will be the first. From then on "get out of the way or I'll put you in the wall" will be the look in every racers eye. Just a tip: if your racer name is "Ace," you can't lose. I'm not saying that was my name...but I'm just sayin.

Reminder #2: The marriage of Rob and Erin Hardy. It was a worship service more than a wedding. Rob is a great friend of mine from high school and it meant so much to see him continue his worship of God through his union with Erin. Also, I will be sharing communion with my wife on our knees before God on my wedding day. Rob, thanks for the beautiful reminder of how relationships are meant to be communion with God at work.

This lyric was in one of the songs we sang at the wedding:
"When strivings cease."
I may look back on the explanation of my feelings toward this quote and consider them too raw or vulnerable, but I will not let that keep me from writing from my true state of mind.
I have not strived toward God this week. My efforts have ceased due to selfishness, complacency, and ignoring of conviction. I must begin fresh with this new day. God, help a helpless person.
"In Christ alone" am I forgiven and gripped by God's grace.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Steps to creating memories...
-Always take dares to swim across ponds in the middle of the night.
-When you are leaving a friend's house and see a motor scooter in his garage that a Nazi would ride, try to start it and laugh hysterically at your friend's reaction when it works for the first time in seven years.
-Grill out and stay outside instead of going to sit in front of the TV and watch the Hawks lose.
-Go for a run at night. Prior to this step, use discernment on your surroundings.
-Slice a banana long ways. Fill it with butter, brown sugar, and chocolate chips. Wrap it in foil. Stick it in the fire for 15 minutes.
-Eat at the sketchy Indian restaurant.

Most memories are not lived because of the initial unwillingness to be a little uncomfortable.