Thursday, November 26, 2009

It's Thanksgiving night.

Things that happened today that I am thankful for:
-Late night conversation with my granddad after everyone else had gone to sleep. We talked about pursuing dreams and the meaning of success. I will always cherish sitting across from him at that table in their house on the lake.
-Climbing a tree to retrieve the football I had so conveniently placed there. It reminded me of being a kid and skinning my knees.
-Laughing while passing the turkey and stuffing (yes, it is called stuffing if it is stuffed inside the turkey). Laughter always seems to follow us to the dinner table.
-Smelling my grandmother's cinnamon bread when I walked into the kitchen this morning. When we used to stay with them every summer when we were kids, this was the smell that always guaranteed a good day was ahead of you.
-Looking through my grandmother's photo albums with the football game on in the background. These pictures are some of the moments I revisited.

Thank you for the past.
It's the only reason the now exists.

Grandma and Grandpa in 1961.

Mom and Dad in 1986.

Dad and I in 1989.
Fist pump?

Dad, Mike, and I in 1992.

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