Friday, April 23, 2010

"You will never return that way again."
Whether you lived in Egypt or Envy, Sodom or Slander, Palestine or Pride--never go back to where you were rescued from.

Life is a series of connected trails.
Now, we all know that we can't travel back in time to re-live certain situations and choose different paths.
Once something is done, it is just that--done.
Every choice is a point of no return.

I believe that this makes redemption an even more beautiful truth.
Though our paths cannot be re-walked, they can be redeemed.

They can be supernaturally realigned.
We can be rescued from our wrong.

As we choose right, the path is made right.
And walking the right path always leads to the right destination.

So the phrase, "you will never return that way again," is both a reminder for focus and a rescue to forgiveness.

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