Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Check out this link.
It's rare, but sometimes you get to look what the Bible calls "the gospel" right in the face.
Do I carry this same good news this obviously?

Maybe this Christmas we could join together in the revolt of true Christianity.
Maybe we could revolt against our selfishness by not consuming but giving.
Maybe this season of advent could be a conspiracy...a joining together to oppose a power.
Maybe our churches and our souls have forgotten that Christianity is not a religion made by man contained by man's own power.
Maybe we could acknowledge that it is a revolution of doing literal things.
Maybe if I took my money and you took yours and decided to pour, not our funds alone, but our love into these people things would change.

Actually, that is not a maybe.
It would change things.

Maybe you'll join in?

My typical excuse: I don't know how to help and where to donate. And even then, how do I know that my money will get to the people in need?
My response this time: The link is right there. I have to do something. They have proven they are legit by their transparency and stories. Do I really have so small a faith that I can't even trust God to use my money in the best way he sees fit after I have obeyed and given it?

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