Monday, February 7, 2011

What I have come to understand about understanding:

-Understanding is the shortcut to memorization. When something is meaningful to us it is more permanently etched into our brains.
-Understanding inspires and inspiration sustains. When we allow ourselves be inspired by a story or a truth we are more likely to move forward in living in that truth.
-Humility comes before inspiration. When has a proud ego ever been inspired by the greatness of someone else? It can't because the proud believes all the greatness comes from within and in that belief it is continuously deceived.
-We don't easily forget what we have come to discover by our own questions. The feeling of accomplishment that comes with the receiving of an answer after a long search is a feeling we don't easily forget.
-What you memorize and understand is what you fight for in the end. If selfishness is all you understand then you will always fight for yourself. If you know and understand the truth, it will be what prevails in the end.
-What you nail upon your mind through repeated hits of focus will be what guides you.

A Korean guy taught me this.

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