Saturday, November 26, 2011

"God, thank you for all you have done for me."
I think this is a good thing to say.
It's Thanksgiving and the turkey is on the table and I'm just thanking God for blessing me.
I never want to stop saying that.

However, I also really want to stop saying it.

I listed out what I am thankful for.
They all had to do with me.
I am very thankful for myself.

My thankfulness is also a very illuminating look into my desires.
I am thanking him for all of the things I think about, which all have to do with me.
This can lead to some pretty selfish Thanksgivings.
Why don't I ever thank God for what he is doing for the other 7 billion people that he really cares about?
Why don't I rejoice in their victories?

There is a map of the world on my wall that I took from a National Geographic magazine.
Russia, Canada, China...they are quite large when compared to the amount of space that my home and heart takes up.
God is doing great things in many other places.
If all I am thankful for is what is happening to me then my Thanksgivings will always be too small and my rejoicing too reserved.

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