Wednesday, October 17, 2012

"Will not count."

Ah, the glorious trudge that is the book of Romans.  Some have said it is the greatest letter ever written. It is full of so much hope.
It is full of so much depth.
It is full of so much conviction.

I hit chapter four this morning and had the time to do something I would highly recommend.
Read verses seven and eight and then just go for a short walk.

Think about what these verses mean.
"The Lord will not count his sin."

While on your short walk just reflect on all of those injustices, those hurts, that lack of consideration you and I have committed against other people.  Think about what we have done in our lives that has hurt the heart of God.

He gave Jesus to us because he loves us.  He doesn't ask us to earn heaven like so many other religions do.  That comes as such a relief to me as I walk and reflect on the moments in my life where my heart was full of wrong.

Sometimes the beautiful word "forgiveness" gets swept over in my mind because of the frequency of its use.  But something just not counting is a phrase I can wrap my mind around.
Numbers.  Tallies.  Strikes.  I can picture those things.

When we say the name of Jesus and believe he is who he says he is, then our sin becomes invisible.
He just doesn't count it.
That sin.
It is no longer seen.
It doesn't add up.
It doesn't burry you in its weight.
It doesn't exclude you from connection.
He sees Jesus and says, "what sin?"

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