Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Have you ever noticed what it says in verse 21 of Exodus chapter 14?
There is a key phrase in there that changes my perspective of the whole parting-of-the-sea deal.
Two words back to back provide some insight into my thoughts on God's provision.

"All night."

It says that the east wind that parted the sea blew all night while a cloud separate the Egyptians and the Israelites.

Ok...so what?
That means that the Israelites sat there freaking out for an entire night surrounded by howling wind while the only thing separating them and an army bringing death was some fog and darkness.
They had to wait.

Maybe you already had this picture in your head, but I always thought of this story as a quick get-away.
And the problem with that is that life doesn't really have quick get-aways.
When you're afraid because tough stuff is going on it always takes a while to get back to a place of peace, and that while of waiting happens to be quite uncomfortable at times.

The question is will I wait in faith while God provides?

Also, another side thought:
Can you imagine the feeling in your soul as onlooking Moses in the moment of quiet between the sound of the rushing wind and the roaring waters?

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