Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Here's the thing I love about this picture; it represents all that is right about relationships.
Yeah it's pizza, but I promise I'm not stretching its depth.

We had a purpose...
"Let's win the award for best pizza ever."-Lauren
"I'm on it."-Zac

We had things in common...
"Gotta have goat cheese."-Lauren
"Definitely ups our originality and taste test points. Good call."-Zac

We worked through our differences...
"I'm not feeling mushrooms."-Lauren
"Aah...umm...I...umm...mushrooms make me happy."-Zac
"Knife. Cut. Halves."-Lauren
"You make me happy."-Zac

We enjoyed each others presence...
"This thing is taking forever to cook. I think your 50 pepperonis and pound of vegetables are slowing us down."-Lauren
"I just wanted to better our relationship through spending quality time together."-Zac

We encouraged each other...
"We did awesome."-Lauren
"..."-Zac, with mouth full, puts up the high five

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