Thursday, December 15, 2011

I like it when I can connect a season with a specific memory or feeling.
It makes me more aware and observant in the season to follow.
That happened this past fall.
So what will winter bring?
Like Flannery says, "everything that rises must converge."
As leaves fell, I saw the best in people rise. And I'm very glad that one day there will be an eternal convergence.

Lauren and I went to the botanical gardens in Atlanta a few weeks ago and witnessed the beginning and ending of life. We were cold and shivering, and the gardens seemed to shiver along with us. Here are a few of the warmer sights.

The world I'm in and the world in me is falling.
This is happening around you and me all the time.
That's the world we sit on.
However, there can be so much beauty in the breakdown.

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