Friday, December 9, 2011

If the Bible was my only guide, what would my career look like?

I haven't been thinking about this for very long, but here are a few requirements I have found so far:
-loose the bonds of wickedness
-undo the straps of the yoke (the law)
-let the oppressed free
-break every burden
-share with the hungry
-bring the homeless into your house
-clothe the naked
-don't run from your fellow humanity's needs
-don't point the finger
-don't speak wickedness
-pour yourself out for the hungry
-satisfy the desires of the afflicted
-call the Sabbath a holy delight
-don't seek your own pleasures
-don't talk idly
-work hard so you can give more away
-rescue those who are being taken away to death
-it is better to be poor and have integrity
-be skillful in your work
-a stingy man will be poor
-it is best to be neither poor or rich
-speak for those who are silent
-defend the rights of the poor
-there is nothing better than to eat, drink, and enjoy your work in honor of God
-God has already done the work
-dreams can bring vanity
-always pay what you promise
-never loan with interest
-whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all you have
-bring justice to the fatherless
-allow yourself to be sent by God
-stand as a signal of the glory of God
-wait well
-opportunities build upon each other
-if you live for the love of pleasures you will lose your family
-say, "The Lord has redeemed."
-bring good news
-publish peace and salvation
-do not hold back and you will be spread abroad
-God's plans are different and higher

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