Friday, March 2, 2012

The first ride.

There's quite a story behind this bike.

Initially I thought I would be riding a 1969 BMW R75 across the country.  It was a rough looking beauty, but the character didn't scare me.  As it turns out, it was going to cost too much money to fix it up so that put a quick halt on driving a vintage bike for 10,000 miles.  Some day though...some day when there are a few more coins in the bank.  
Then came the 1982 Honda GL500.  I found it on a Friday and was going to drive to pick it up the following day.  Yeah, the maroon had quite the '82 hew to it, but the saddlebags came with it and the owner was very knowledgable about its condition.  So it was settled...I thought.
About two hours after deciding to go pick up the GL500 I received a phone call.  Lauren's dad had just heard that I was planning on taking the trip.  He told me he was excited for me and that he wanted me to take his bike.  
Now, he rides a Honda 1300 VTX.  This is quite a few levels up from the beater that I was looking at. The number 1300 is actually how many times nicer this bike is than any bike that I was going to be able to afford.  It's in amazing shape and it isn't the color of your grandmother's Cadillac.  I was blown away.  Still am.  At first I didn't think I could accept.  But through his generosity and some hours spent learning how to accept a gift, it will be the bike that rolls over every mile from here to California and back.  
I'll have to show you a picture of the route later.

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