Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I'm new to this whole motorcycle thing, but I'm pretty sure it is going to stick around.  

I realized it the other day when I was riding home from work.  It was sunny and I was flowing down the turning country road and I felt good.  I haven't even left on this "experience the world" trip of mine and I have experienced as much of the motorcycle world in one moment to know I will like it for life.  
I recognized it when I passed the third motorcyclist on this old road.  All three riders rode different style bikes, but all of them did the same thing.  

The wave.  

This is no ordinary greeting.  It has evolved over the years and has settled into the marrow of the riding culture.  
Distinct effort.
Slight wrist extension.
Left arm straightens beyond handlebar.
Two fingers.
Point down at the road.
Move on.
I laughed underneath my helmet when the third rider waved and passed, which is quite startling in that small of a space.  

We are all the same.  We don't all have the same back stories, life interests, or "Road Hog" jackets, but we just like to ride.  
I think I'm drawn to the wave because it signifies assuming you like someone before assuming you hate them.
And I like that.

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