Friday, January 11, 2013

Could I be a different person in a week?

What is a week?
Some days.

What is a day?
What you make it.

This is my breakdown of the days of the week.  Without it, I can't focus.  Without it, I don't become the me that i want to be ten years from now.  With it...well, we'll see.

Sunday-Husband Day.  
     Write Lauren a note.  Pray out loud with her.  Schedule a date.  Give her a gift.
Monday-Brother Day.
     Pursue Mike.  Talk about one thing he cares about.  Pray for him.
Tuesday-Son Day.
     Call Mom or Dad and talk about one thing they care about.
Wednesday-Pupil Day.
     Learn from someone older.  Mentor.  Grandpa.  Grandma.  Grandmom.
Thursday-Disciple Day.
     If you are not discipling at least one person who doesn't know Jesus then you are not a disciple.  Be one.
Friday-Friend Day.
     Call someone.  Meet up.  Do whatever it takes to make a conversation happen.
Saturday-Monk Day.
     Do one thing in solitude.

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