Friday, October 30, 2009

"My soul is losing."
"My heart feels heavy."
"My punishment must be coming because I do the very things I hate."

How do we win?
How do we overcome the temptations that our minds and bodies throw at our souls?
How do we get out of this hole of hopeless battling?

How do we grow?
How do we put a stop to our boredom?
How do we gain the qualities we want to have?

How do we know Jesus?

Meditate on the words that God himself wrote for us and our specific situations.

Meditate--to contemplate deeply.
This is what the Bible tells us to do.
How we do it is through memorizing the words and keeping them in our thoughts as we go about the day.

I have forever been horrible at this.
This method helped me:
-get a small journal
-print out the verses you are going to memorize for the week and tape them to the front of the page
-keep a tally of how many times you say them each day
-write your thoughts on the verses you are memorizing on the back of the page
-don't try to memorize too many verses each'll make you not do it (1-4 is good)
-look back over previous weeks to keep them fresh and accessible

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