Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Monday night was a night of celebration.
My Grandmother, my Dad, and I all have birthdays within a few days of each other so it is a regular practice gather and share a three-fold birthday bash. Where the number of years we are celebrating may be spread out, we all party just the same.

Quick side note...the best homemade ice cream results come if you add crushed Oreos into the vanilla mix while it is still churning.

Do whatever it takes to celebrate life with your family.
There was a moment that evening, while sitting on the couch in my parents living room and laughing about my granddad's "Eighty-and-Out" health care solution, that I realized this celebration of life would one day end in it's earthly form.
However, it would also, after a short delay, extend heavenly in maybe just the same way, over ice cream and pasta, never to conclude.

Guatemala stories and pictures coming soon.

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