Friday, August 20, 2010

So I was chilling on this deserted island the other day...
Really I was. I went kayaking up on Lake Keowee and ended up finding an amazing camping spot on an island after a few hours of paddling.
However, the reason I write isn't to tell you about the color-blasted sunset or the early morning rain, but to highly recommend a book I just finished while I was there.
If you want your energy to be refreshed, your perspective to be altered, your heart to be convicted, your life to be made more exciting, your wants to be inspected, and your faith to be true and "Radical" by David Platt.

At the end of the book he recommends taking a Radical Experiment for a year.
The experiment consists of following through with these five things and seeing how your life changes because of them.
-Pray for the entire world.
-Read through the entire Word.
-Sacrifice your money for a specific purpose.
-Spend time in another context.
-Commit to a multiplying community.

I'm trying the experiment and I'm asking myself some tough questions.
God, may I stay committed to you and this experiment.
"Just bend me."

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