Friday, September 9, 2011

The Captain and Lady Luck will never change. They're stuck in the Savannah waves holding tight to each other and to life. They are glued to the groove of each others souls. All they say is, "I'll never leave." You can always find them there when it's storming. "Dark clouds are good for dancing," they say. It's the beat you feel. It moves the feet. Houses bow to the screaming winds and the trees run away with the sands in hand, but those two hang on. Up on the waves and out with the tide, they hold on. Those two have never seen the past or the future. They are only there and they dig it. All they choose is each other. Maybe that night of dancing on the dock to the silence under the stars sent them waltzing into the deepest waters. There's no edge on it anymore and that's why they don't change. They don't see the lines that tell them the end is near and so it never will for them. They'll just cross eternity again and again.

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