Friday, January 13, 2012

"The End."
That what it says on the last page of my great grandfather's Bible.
My grandparents gave his Bible to me for Christmas.
This gift made me realize there is a difference in buying someone a gift and giving someone a gift.
Many great gifts are bought, but then there are the gifts that are given.
Gifts that are given require sacrifice on the behalf of the giver.
I could feel the sacrifice in this gift as I flipped through its brown pages.

Thank you for giving me this gift.
It holds my history and my future.

"The End" made me realize that all of this (look not only around the room but out the window for this to have the proper effect) will end.
The ironic thing is that when all of this ends the book does not.
It is sad to think about how much effort I put into things that will end.
But there are things that don't end as well.
My goal this year is to see the unending things more often.

So "The End" is really just a new beginning.

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