Sunday, January 22, 2012

How to follow through with your resolution?
I know, I know. The "how to" stuff is considered a load of junk most of the time. But remember the reason that it is called "how to" is because it tells you "how to" actually get it done.

1. Pick one.
We're far enough into the new year to have forgotten most of them already. So think about thing that is most important for you to accomplish in the next year.
2. Make it smack you in the face.
Set up ways to remind yourself about the resolution tomorrow, next week, and in June. Do the reminder setting right now.
3. Small version.
You can't run a marathon (or whatever the resolution is) today. But you can do the small version of a marathon (run to the end of the driveway) as you close out of your internet browser.
4. Pump up the jams.
Very very very...very few people in my generation do what they say when they say it. And the thing about my generation is I'm in it. So find someone to share the goal with and pump them up and have them do the same for you.

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