Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It was 10:34 p.m. when I remembered.
I had committed to thinking, "Now I'm getting ready to..." before every action on Christmas day.
Except I didn't even one time.
I left the idea in the dust of celebration.
So I told myself I would reschedule the same goal to January 1st "because it would be even better to do it the first day of the new year."
Except I had to wake up early and fly back to Atlanta and after remembering when I woke up, I forgot as I walked out the door.
"I'll do it tomorrow for sure. It's the first day of Passion Conference and would fit perfectly into the purpose of the day."
And it did.

Here's what I learned:
"Now I'm going to judge that person's character based on my first introduction to him."
"Now I'm going to not give this dude twenty bucks...wait."
"Now I'm going to get impatient in traffic at the airport. Why? Just chill."
"Now I'm going to realize that we are all the same. All 45,000 of us at this conference have the same opportunity to do good."
"Now I'm going to thank God for giving Lauren the wisdom to say, 'Isn't it crazy that all of those words (Scripture scrolling on screens) are reality?'"
"Now I'm going to think about what it would be like if my life ended right now in the Georgia Dome. Would I consider it to have been lived abundantly?"
"Now I'm going to acknowledge that Jesus is divinely interrupting my right now."
"Now I'm going to realize that no one is above anyone else because of their success."
"Now I'm going to tell myself that I need 'my money' more than enslaved children do."
"Now I'm going to try to talk myself into not trusting the charitable organization because 'who knows what they're going to do with my money?' God does. 'Oh yeah.'"
"Now I'm going to assume things about this person's motives."
"Now I'm going to learn from that guy the incredible witness of authentic kindness."
"Now I'm going to tell myself I am supposed to be doing exactly what I'm doing in this moment. Am I doing it well?"
"Now I'm going to pray for my desires before I thank God and ask him about his."

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