Thursday, October 13, 2011

"We should quit...unless we are going to become the best. What is the best? The most passionate."
"How are we going to reach people tonight?"
"All of this is pointless if we aren't telling people about Jesus."
"So be it if we 'lose opportunities.' If we aren't taking the gospel to people then we were never taking opportunities in the first place."
"What I once called physical blessings, I have seen become curses. I am no longer under the illusion."

Enthusiam comes from the two Greek words en and Theos.
Together they mean in God.
I sat across the living room from a couple of my best friends in the world today. They reminded me that as people who believe that Jesus is God and that he sacrificed himself for us, we should be the most passionate people in the world. I need those people to help me chase my passions.
What are my passions?
What am I chasing?

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