Saturday, February 25, 2012

As my finger follows the rim of my coffee cup and the stool holds my crossed feet, I realize I am no exception.
And you aren't either.
And neither is the person you love the most.

Every person will realize this at some point.

My realization was this:
I am ending.  As soon my body stops growing it starts the process of winding down.

Now, I know there is the possibility of many years in my future.  Or very few...woah...weird.   But my feet have stopped growing and my hat size won't change so my body has concluded the process of growing up.  My mind and spirit will progress toward further maturity...hopefully...but this thought that "my hands will never grow again" as I look at them typing just struck me as odd this morning.

No matter how lofty or little our accomplishments, we are all progressing toward our end.

And this is a good thing because life beyond this one is incomprehensibly better.

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