Sunday, April 21, 2013

Another round of great advice given to me recently:

-Learn different languages.
-What is valuable?  What makes great men great?  A sense of destiny.
-Dream great dreams in God.
-Entitlement destroys your ability to dream.
-The biggest thing that is stopping you is fear.
-Don't be the slave of other men's opinions.
-2 Kings 3:13-20.  How deep will I dig?  How many jars will I bring?  The supernatural supply will meet your expectations in God.
-God will put things on your heart that look ridiculous in the natural.
-The dream has to begin when it's impossible to do.
-What am I swapping my life for?  Everything is a transaction.
-Real success comes from a walk with God.  Everything else is just nice.
-God calls families.  Don't short change your kids with a shallow well.
-Revival can break out.
-Am I living for dreams or projects?
-It doesn't start with wisdom or fancy words, but with power.
-Only 5% of the church exists in first world nations.
-To create a single convert to Christianity it takes $7 for an African, $11 for an Asian, and $1.2 million for an American.
-The greatest education you can give your children is travelling.
-You have to pursue it radically.  If you won't you aren't owned by God.
-Look at history.  Government doesn't fix problems.  Only transformed hearts by Jesus has.
-You can't out give God.  But you can try.
-God gives bread and seed.  Don't eat your seed.  Sow it.  Ask him every time which one it is.
-Grow in grace and knowledge.  He calls us to "be" everything else.  You can make a deliberate change in yourself because of Jesus.
-What is my job?  Bring heaven to earth.
-My kids should stand on my shoulders.  A true father releases.
-You are dead to sin.  It takes five seconds, not fifty years.
-Spend three hours a week on dreaming.
-"Lord, tell me more about who I am."
-"God, what are we doing today?"
-Pray for a word from God for your children on their birthday.
-It takes full commitment and intentionality.
-When do you have shiny eyes?  Do those things every week.
-Do not try to fix your weaknesses.  Lean into your strengths and the weaknesses will be resolved by God.

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