Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I was lying.  This really is the last one.  A little bit more advice:

-Dreams come from our longings.  What do you always want?
-All we know about Jesus is that when he was thirty he was prepared.
-There are 168 hours in every week.  Make time for praying and reading.
-And don't just ready the Bible.  Meditate on it.
-Give hilariously.  It should be ridiculous if it is going to cause faith.
-There are four things men need: God, meditation, community, and sacrifice.
-Vocalize appreciation immediately.
-Do your best to be everything for all people.  This is serving like the Apostle Paul.
-Who am I pouring into right now?  There must always be at least on person.
-Make disciples one day at a time.
-Just because a door isn't open doesn't mean you don't go through it.

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