Tuesday, April 23, 2013

One more round of advice:

-Always have your questions ready for the old guys.
-Lead your wife to the Bible.  She needs to walk in on you on your knees early in the morning.
-Lead her in prayer.  Pray out loud with your entire family.
-Lead her to church.  Be the first one ready to go.
-Lead her financially.  Be the first on to sell your stuff when times get hard.
-Lead in sacrifice.  Give love when it isn't returned.
-Lead in forgiveness.  Go first.
-Lead in priorities.  Act before you talk.
-Lead in evangelism.
-Lead in abandonment of pride.
-Lead in direction.
-Always do what God has revealed to me now.  Then just never stop.
-We need to increase our reality of life and death.
-Just worry about being a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual success in this day.
-Always win the day you are in.  How many days do you have left this year?  Always know.
-Plan to get over things quickly.
-"Marriage did what no monastery ever could."-Luther
-The struggles you are facing are always with spiritual forces.
-Be willing to pay your dues.  In your twenties, you have earned very little.
-Shortcuts always disappoint.

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