Saturday, April 20, 2013

No I'm not dead.  Just distracted.  Enough said.

Here are a few things that great men have told me recently.  It's a lot, but pick and choose as you will:

-I want a faith fuelled by saying yes.
-Get up tomorrow morning and do one thing you won't forget.
-We live in stages.  Beloved Son, Cowboy, Warrior, Lover, and King
-Milen, a habit producing chemical, forms more in your twenties than any other time of life.
-What makes your twenties a success...intentionality.
-Read about George Washington.  He won all the battles that must be won.
-Do something hard every day.  Wake up early, run until you throw up, forgive someone.
-Choose time over treasure.  Time is the greatest nonrenewable resource.  Spend your money on time because days turn into decades.
-Choose who over what.  The most important questions in life start with "who."  Marry well because it influences everything.
-Choose the gospel over everything.  The Bible isn't about me.  Apply Jesus to my story.
-"Make a great shoe and sell it for a great price."-Luther
-Sanctification should always begin by looking at justification.
-The gospel is not an evangelical tool.  It is life.
-Know yourself.  Go to a counsellor.
-Lead yourself.
-Know others.
-Lead others.  It must go in that order.
-It takes a band of brothers to push you to do hard things.

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